Examining the Numbers

Alice Zhu

Median wake up time during COVID

Sleep Time, Extracurriculars, Screentime, Classes, and Snacks

Breakfast and homework

Sample Schedule

Note: This is a sample schedule of an average Stuyvesant student based on data collected. We have not included time to complete projects or study for tests. The following schedule may not be advisable for all students.

8:30 AM: Wake up/Morning Routine 8:55 AM: Quick breakfast 9:00 AM: Open Laptop/Get ready for school 9:10 AM: AP English 10:05 AM: US History 11:20 AM: AP Computer Science 12:25 PM: Precalculus 1:20 PM: Snack 1:30 PM: AP English Homework 3:30 PM: Lunch 4:30 PM: Extracurriculars/Volunteering 6:30 PM: Dinner 7:00 PM: Wash the Dishes 7:30 PM: Help Siblings With Homework 8:30 PM: US History Homework 9:30 PM: Snack 10:00 PM: Exercise 10:30 PM: AP Computer Science Homework 12:30 PM: Wash the clothes 1:00 AM: Precalculus Homework 2:00 AM: Sleep Bedtime Routine